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Tidore dark

Verfügbare Größen:

7 x 16  / 7 x 17 / 8 x 17 / 8 x 18 / 8 x 19

Developed for use with water, ready for the road

Tidore is the name of a picturesque island in the Moluccas, a true paradise for divers. So the name of Indonesia's natural beauty spot perfectly matches this extraordinary wheel by AEZ. The rim was namely originally designed for underwater trips: its prototype adorned the Rinspeed sQuba and proved on the cult show-car of the innovative Swiss customiser that it is perfectly suited for diving. Because the wheel captivated trade-fair visitors, journalists and sQuba fans, it is now available in the series version for vehicles with 5-hole attachment in sizes from 7x16 to 8x19 inches.